Principal’s Message

Our Hope and Our Joy
“Lord stay with me, and then I shall begin to shine as you shine, so to shine as to be a light to others.” – Cardinal Newman
With this prayer and the motto “Shine to illumine”, the Bishophites not only shine in pursuit of academic excellence, but are accompanied and empowered to serve as torch bearers for future generation of students. We usher in a new dawn in the social and intellectual horizon of our students lives to create a stimulating and intellectually vibrant ambiance. We enflame their desire to become better and keep growing, achieving and succeeding for themselves, their family and society. Since its humble beginning in 2019, the institution has grown in leaps and bounds, achieving laurels.

Education is not learning of facts but the training of the mind to think. – Albert Einstein

We at BDAV are proud to be extending high quality education and have a distinctive advantage of being a school with latest trends of the ‘Teaching and learning methods made available to us through various force. In the fast changing Education scenario, it has become imperative that students be empowered with cognitive and experiential skills that would help them to overcome the challenges tomorrow. We strive to equip our students with 21st century skills, ensuring that they embrace interconnected concepts, think independently, work collaboratively, act decisively, communicate unambiguously and influence positively.

Our aim is pursuit of ‘’Excellence in education” through “pedagogy of heart” which we try to achieve by incorporating and using latest innovative methods of teaching. Further, we are devoted to the task of inculcating in the young mind, values which will lead to the refinement of the entire personae, thereby making them stand apart as “A meteorite sparkles in the galaxy of human race”. With the explosion of knowledge and globalization of education across social, cultural and geographical boundaries, we provide our students with unique multi-cultural programs.

The school moves forward, not only in pursuing academic excellence but also honing students, skills in a plethora of co-curricular activities. In short, we provide our students with an atmosphere for multifaceted development.

Co-operation and perfect co-ordination from each member of Bishophite family help us to create a favorable climate and thereby, maintaining quality of education. We will continue to create an environment where each and every student is given the attention necessary to achieve his/her individual success making them responsible citizens of the world.

As a Christian institution we give importance to truth, love, secularism, and train our students in the path of Gospel values set down by Jesus Christ the teacher par excellence and St. Ann, the model of all the teachers.

I wish and pray that you stay safe, healthy and motivated!!!

Rev.Sr.Premilashantha Mary


Rev.Sr.Premilashantha Mary is our second and current principal of Bishop Devadass Ambrose Vidyalaya (CBSE). She was born at Wellington, Nilgiris. She had the primary and secondary education at St. Ann’s girls Higher secondary school, Aruvankadu. After finishing that she did her B.Sc (Maths, Physics, Chemistry) at St. Theresa’s college, Eluru, AP followed by B.Ed. Mathematics at St. Mary’s college of education, Chengalpattu. At present she is doing her M.Sc. in Mathematics at Annamalai university.

Along with these qualifications, she has also qualified in B.Sc Religious Science (Theology, Phylosophy & Psycology) at Angelicum university, Rome, Diploma in Canon law in Formation at Urbanianum university, Rome, Diploma in Spirituality at Angelicum, Rome, Diploma in Formators course at Auxilium, Rome, Basic counselling at Gregonianum, Rome and Counselling (3 levels) at Anugraha. Dindigul.

Coming to the part of academic experience, she had 3years of teaching experience in St. Ann’s High school, Teganare, Mangalapalam and Nidudavole, A.P and 2 years of teaching experience in St. Ann’s higher Secondary School, Chengalpattu.

As a religious experience, she had totally 5 years of teaching experience at Novitiate, Juniorate and Seminaries in Eluru, AP; Varanasi, UP; Mangadu, Chennai.

Along with all the above experience, she had the skills and proficiency in computer, documentary, software such as movavi, viva.. etc.,

She also counsels the youth & married couple and guide them in right path. She had conducted Seminars and Retreats for the youth, children, Priests, Sisters, Formees and Seminarians.

She had much fluency in Tamil, English, Telugu and Italian and little bit in Hindi and Malayalam.

The hobbies and passion in her life is Playing Casio, Singing, Painting, Voice recording both for C.Ds and private use, Composing hymns, writing articles and poems for magazines and Province bulletine, dancing, animating the children and the youth.

Her moto is "Communicate God, Celebrate Life, Radiate Joy, Instill Hope."

She is always very punctual in completing all her work and humble throughout her life with the students, all the members of club and faculties.

With all these introduction of beloved sister, I whole heartedly welcome you sister to Bishop’s school on behalf of entire administration, faculty & student body. We hope that with your leadership and guidance, we will surely reach the next levels of glory.

We are most delighted to have such an energetic, enthusiastic, experienced and eligible person to monitor, control and to lead the school.