To accompany and empower students in their pursuit of academic excellence and inspire them to serve as torchbearers for the future generations of students and beacons for those they lead by example in the greater community.


At BDAV, our mission is to create a stimulating and an intellectually vibrant ambiance where all students get an equal opportunity to learn and grow. As a student-formative house, BDAV seeks: To help students to realize their potential to the most and grow into men and women who are fully "alive and active".

To develop a culture of thinking, inquiry, reflection, resilience and independence, always focused upon developing the whole child and tomorrow's global citizens.

To provide a student centered educational environment, giving ample space for students to play an active role in the process of education, and, thereby, propel them towards their learning goals and personal development.

To foster professionalism, respect for others, personal responsibility, integrity, concern for the less privileged, civic involvement and community engagement.

To inculcate in students an awareness about the need of preserving the environment

To create a high performance learning environment that utilizes new technologies and methodologies, in order to cater to the changing needs of the student community.

To collaborate with as many educational institutions and organizations as possible and work with them so that the school may keep learning, changing, improving and innovating.