The Drama Club encourages dramatic presentations by students in the form of skits, mime, plays etc. It promotes drama education in our school. Students are given a great deal of opportunities, "to explore their aptitudes".


Drama club provides a chance for students to enhance their leadership skills and co-operation spirits, since they need to work hand in hand to run the club, deal with every problems of the club and design plenty of activities. Moreover, the club aims to teach them how to appreciate dramatic literature and its techniques, and also help students to attain a better mastery of language.


The Drama Club caters to the great diversity of students' interests. Their self-confidence and poise can also be developed. By participating in Drama Club, students can obtain 'Other Leaning Experience' which is vitally important to them. Drama Club increases the students' competitive spirit.


Mrs. M. Martha' Metilda
Mrs. G. Vanaja


Grade VIGrade VGrade VI
D. Sam Joshua
R. Dhannya
V.A. Sreeman
T. Aswanth
E. Imaya
M. Had Prasath
V.S. Eniyanbu
A.John Paul
A.J. Rowena Tracy
Sam Joshva.0


Best Script Competition:

A script writing competition was conducted on 19 August 2019. Students were asked a write a skit in not more than five pages on the theme of friendship. The first prize went to R. Dhannya of Grade VI, whose script was later enacted by the club members on Sept 5, during the Teacher's Day celebrations.

Mono Act:

On 14th November 2019, the Children's Day, a mono act performance was given Ms. G. Vanaja, a Tamil Teacher and dramatist. The theme was: "Usage of mobiles and its disadvantages." Staged as part of the Children's Day celebrations, Ms Vanaja's mono act skit turned to out a huge success, with the children being enthralled by their Tamil teacher's dramatic talents.

Mime Show Competition:

A mime show competition was held on 22 January 2020 for students of Grades IV, V and VI, on the theme "Who is My Hero". Organized by the Drama Club, the show attracted many participants and offered quality entertainment to both students and staff members.