Cooking undeniably is one of the most important skills a student can ever learn and share. Its important to be self-reliant and to be able to feed one's self. Also, there is nothing more pleasurable than to cook a nice meal for someone you care about, sitting down and enjoying one of the basic joys of life. There's no better turn-on than a child who can cook. Cooking with students is one of the most valuable family activities you can together engage in. Cooking time is a bonding time. When you cook together, students feel like they are a part of something bigger than themselves. They feel responsible, because you trust them with an important task. That in turn makes them behave more responsibly, and relieves you of the burden of preparing the meal alone.


Cooking builds self esteem. When kids can say, "I made it myself', they feel a sense of accomplishment. When people like what they cooked, they feel a sense of pride and achievement.

Cooking makes kids more willing to try new foods. When kids cook a new food themselves, they are more likely to eat it -- or at least try it; they may not eat all of it. They may not eat any of it the first time you make it together, but over a period of time they will get comfortable with it and eventually they will try it. The only way to eat well is to know how to cook. The students of Cookery Club are imparted knowledge about various cooking techniques and the wide variety of ingredients that are very widely used across the world. Use of pressure cooker is significant in cooking for boiling, but at the same time its safety is equally important so that some safety tips are also taught in beginning.


Fabulous Foodies Cooker Club was inaugurated on 20 July 2019. We started this Club because we wanted to have fun and teach easy-to-teach cooking skills in the school environment, and inspire students. Every first Thursday, the members of the club gather at 4 pm in the Activity Hall to discuss new recipes, healthy eating habits, and plan activities.

1. Learning to cook helps children to learn about nutrition and healthy eating. They are growing up with fast food and junk food at their fingertips, which is part of the reason why child obesity is on the rise! Teaching kids to cook will help instill skills to last them a lifetime.

2. Boost their self esteem. If your child needs a boost of self confidence, (and who doesn't!) cooking in the kitchen will do just that. They are accomplishing a task, learning something important, and contributing to the family.

3. Create family time and bonding. Take time to cook with your children and they will have memories that they can pass on to their families. It may take a longer time to get the meal or snack made but the moments with your children will be priceless. Gust remember to have patience and don't worry about flour on the floor or spilled milk).

4. Kids will be more apt to eat what they make. Perhaps, it is the enthusiasm of creating something themselves, but children will be more likely to eat whatever they had a hand in making.

5. Cooking will help reinforce subjects like science, language, math and creativity while cooking!

6. Cooking is a great way to learn life skills. This can be especially helpful when kids are on their own and won't have to rely on fast food and junk food to sustain themselves.


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Mrs. D.Hebzibha


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One of the major problems associated with regular consumption of fast food is obesity. Excess calories can cause too much fat in the body and can eventually lead to overweight or obesity. 17% of kids and adolescents are already obese, a number which is already triple the rate of obesity during the last generation. Almost 1/3 of the young population between the age of 4-19 are overweight. The Cookery Club conducted junk food awareness programme on August 08, 2019 at the Activity Hall. We had invited a Dietician explained to children how junk food is the culprit behind obesity, heart diseases, diabetes, and other health problems.


A Cooking Recipe Contest was held on 05 September 2019, as part of the Teacher's Day celebrations. The theme of the contest was "Eat Healthy." The food was to be prepared only with the help of vegetables. The food prepared at home was put on display and the children explained the recipe. Many students participated in the event with much interest and the winners were awarded.


On the first Saturday of the month of January 2020, the club organized a "Favorite Dish Exchange" programme for all the members if the school. Children were asked to bring their favorite food and share it with their friends in the class. This event, much enjoyed by the children, not only promoted a sense of sharing but also helped the children realize how each one differed in food preferences and appreciate the difference.