The BDAV Book Club's mission is to build the foundation for a lifelong love of learning and to encourage positive change through the power of literature.

It may sound like a hefty task, but really, it's achievable.


The vision is to make meaningful changes; develop pro-social skills; such as respectful listening and speaking. When kids learn in a way that feels special, it becomes something exciting. And when kids get it, when they master a skill or conquer a tricky problem - they become eager for more. These methods are something we incorporate at the Book Club. That moment when it all clicks is the best part of what we do. This formula applies to early learning, but is something that should continue beyond a child's graduation. Learning to read is just the beginning, after all. It's what comes next that turns readers into book lovers. Which brings us to... The BDAV Book Club! We developed The BDAV Book Club, a program designed for children from ages nine to twelve, to introduce the next phase of reading - which is to go beyond the fundamentals of reading and thinking about reading as a whole. BDAV Book Club was inaugurated on 19 July 2019. Every first Wednesday of the month, members of the BDAV Book Club gather at the Library reading room at 4 pm. We discuss a book that is chosen well in advance and intimated to all members. As a rule we pick only story books or biographies of famous people, which make for an interesting read. Under the guidance of the teachers, the members discuss the book in detail, analysing elements such as plot, characters, setting, the relationships between protagonists and antagonists, themes, writing style, author's purpose and are encouraged to draw their own conclusions.


Ms. Arockiyamary Sheila FP
Ms. Nandhini


Grade VI Grade V
Divaina A.
Swathi D Abul
Hamid R
Andriya Michelle M
Athirathan M
Flavia Diaz V
Iniya S



BDAV Book Club organized a Book Fair at the school premises on 20 July 2019, with the help of the local publishers in the city. As many as to publishing houses participated in the event. There were a huge numbers of books on various subjects. Though many books were sold, the main thing about this Fair was not sales, but an opportunity for children to so many books arranged neatly on a wide range of topics. Cultural programmes by our school kids attracted the visitors to the large extent.


Lunch bunch conference is an informal chat about the book that the students have finished reading. At our school, the book club conducted these sessions, every now and then, during the lunch breaks. The "Lunch Bunch" gave children an opportunity to the stories they read, the favorite parts, least favorite parts, opinions or thoughts about the story or characters, parts that affected the emotions, golden lines, fancy words to remember, etc.


The Book Club organized "Talking Heads" a book - review event at the school on 4 Nov 2019. Five faculty members participated in the "Talking Heads" programme. Each teacher was given a book, which they discussed and reviewed in front of the students and other staff members. Students were also given time to share and respond.