“ Everything works unto good for those who love God” says the Bible.
Distinguished Chief guest Mr. Joe Malluri, the actor, writer. and the poet, Our guests of honour Rev. Bishop Devadass Ambrose and Rev. Fr. Sagayaraj the Administrator of the diocese of Tanjore, Our Special invitees, Rev Fathers, Rev Sisters, Rev Brothers, and Well wishers, Dear Parents, Friends, Teachers, and my beloved children, A very Good evening to you all.
It gives me great joy in presenting the Annual Report for the Academic year 2022-23. This Annual Report is the mirror of the past and vision for our Future.

Brief History of the School

BISHOP SCHOOL – CBSE – A Co- Educational English Medium School to be affiliated to the CBSE was setup in 2019 under the Society of Thanjavur to impact quality value- based education to young minds and to cater to the educational needs of the people and to spread its wings to fulfill the ideal educational requirements of the people in and around Thanjavur city. It has been established with the aim of providing an opportunity for academic excellence and physical growth of the student with wholesome personality, character, interpersonal rapport building and training to face the challenge of life.

School logo

The School logo is a graphic representation of the Bishophite Vision of Education that aims at the integrated and holistic formation of the youth entrusted to our care.


The motto, “Shine to Illumine,” not only challenges students to shine in pursuit of academic excellence, but inspires them to serve as torchbearers for future generations of students and beacons for those they lead by example in the greater community.

Our Vision

To provide a learner-centric education and facilitate holistic approach for the students of this region to achieve their full potential in the respective fields of education they wish to pursue and build a better world.

Our Mission

Education at Bishop Devadass Ambrose Vidyalaya, Thanjavur is a relentless quest for excellence, for the fullest possible development of a student’s personality and potential.

Students welfare Activities

General assemblies are rich and varied experience for the children, to create ample opportunities for the students to showcase their talents and skills. The assemblies are held section-wise from Monday to Saturday for all the classes right from grade I to IX in English, tamil and hindi. Value education and Catechism classes are conducted every week. We help our students to remember important national and international days like yoga day, environmental day, Mathematics day, womens day etc.,by giving short introduction and the importance of the day during the assembly.

Supreme Council

Choose the best place where your ability shines .” says Rishika Jain. Investiture ceremony and the Inauguration of 15 clubs took place on 15th July wherein the student council members, the leaders of the houses and other clubs took office and solemnly promised in front of the assembly that they would fullfill the duties of their respective offices in the best way they could.

The Core values of our school

Respect, Tolerance, Inclusion and Excellence.

Our Curriculum

The school implements the CBSE curriculum in the school, known for its high quality content. For all core subjects, we use the text books published by the NCERT. We have a well trained and experienced team of teaching staff who vigorously implement the academic agenda set out by the Management. Our teachers have shown an encouraging growth graph in performance, attitude and behavior of the students in a very short span. They follow the latest teaching learning methods in order to make the classroom learning more interesting and enduring. The priority is given to an activity based, student centered learning.

Academic excellence

Academic excellence is the relentless quest and the heart of BDAV mission. Weekly tests as check points, Daily and weekend homework apart from project work, holiday assignments are a part of our academic planning and implementation schedules which is regularly monitored by the teachers as well as the parents approving through their signature in the hand book of the students. Periodic Assessments and Term end Assessments are held as per the schedule. We note with great pride that though past two years of corona brought a great challenge for the students, but because of the tireless effort of the teachers our students showed remarkable progress in academics during this year.


Needless to mention, the infrastructure is student friendly, assuring safety, pollution free, pleasant teaching, learning atmosphere. It is festooned by ornamental shrubs and melding shades of green cover in plenty. And draped with scent of flowers swaying in the gentle breeze.
Our Kindergarden block is a fairy land as it nestles our sweet tiny tots to go on a merry go round! A fully furnished library with reasonably good collection of books is a to inculcate reading habit in the young ones. A well equipped Maths, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, computer and language labs help the students to acquire comprehensive knowledge on Principles and formulated theories. The school’s 45 class rooms are spacious, well-lit and airy, all of them equipped with Smart Boards. BDAV has two huge activity halls, over 50 computers, high speed internet connection, playground, courts, sports equipment, musical instruments – everything that goes into creating an optimal learning environment for the young minds. Over 164 CCTV cameras are fixed in different parts of the two building to ensure the safety of the children. A state-of-the-art public announcements system helps not only to disseminate information quickly and but also maintain great control over the school. We have installed “Entab Campuscare” at the school, a comprehensive software that helps manage the administrative tasks, in an effective manner and also connects the management, principal, the teachers, parents and students to gain a fuller picture of the happenings at the school.

Schools Co-curricular activities

The school lays as much emphasis on co-curricular activies as it does on the curricular. Yoga, Music, art and craft are taught as part of the syllabus. Besides, a score of other fine art classes are offered including Classical Singing, /classical Dancing, Western & Folk Dance, Taekwondo, Keyboard, Silambam, Chess, Archery ,Table tennis etc.,conducted after the school hours, these classes offer a great opportunity for students to identify and develop their innate talents.

Celebrations: Their Starry moments!

Our school celebrates National and state festivals; national and international days to integrate and instill the values of brotherhood and preserve our cultural richness. Our education is inclusion and our way is secular.

Independence Day

Independence day: On 15th August, the school celebrated 75years of Indian independence to commemorate the sacrifices made by the freedom fighters and to express our gratitude to them.

Teachers’ Day

Teachers day was celebrated on 5th September in an agust and dignified manner where the children expressed their gratitude through different culturals.


Diwali and Hindi Diwas was celebrated with geity on 29th September with lights and colours symbolising our way from darkness of ignorance to light of enlightenement.

Childrens Day

Childrens day was celebrated on 14th November in a unique way where teachers entertained the students through various program.

Correspondents Day

The Correspondent’s day was celebrated on 28th Nov to recognize the contributions and services of Rev. Fr. Vincent, a man of great vision and mission.


Christmas is a universal festival that marks the love of the lord Almighty towards humanity was celebrated in a meaningful manner. On account of Christmas, Our school adopted a poor village nearby and the teachers and students gave a short program and distributed clothes and rice bags to each family using the charity drive where all the students contributed for it.


Pongal is a festival of gratitude. This festival of joy was celebrated on 13th January 2023. Various traditional dances like Karagattam, Mayilattam, Kolattam, Puliyattam, Poikaal kudhiraiattam, Silambattam, Kummiyattam, Thappattam were performed by our children elegantly.

Parents Meet

To discuss a childs progree at school and find solutions to academic or behavioural problems, parents are invited after a week of every examination for an interaction with the teachers. This enables parents and teachers to work for the positive modification of the students performance.

Supplementary Classes

Our tie up with Mind waves Centre, Tanjavur, helps our children in grades 1-5 to have abacus training classes twice a week. They are taught mental arithmetic calculationsmwith speed and accuracy through Abacus. In another tie-up with ILM, Institute of Language management, 2 trainers one for Primary and one for High school are sent from Bangalore for English communicative skills. We are happy to note that the program has helped our children vastly in terms of communicative english. Various activities are conducted to improve the listening, writing, reading and speaking skills of the students. Besides, two classes are offered to all the students a week: one for Art &Craft and one for Music, as part of our curriculum.

Teacher’s welfare activities

“If we teach today, as we taught yesterday, we spoil our children of tomorrow”, says John Dewey. In order to teach the way the child learns, new strategies, new processes and a new mindset are required for the teacher. Our teachers attended different workshop both online and offline which were conducted in the school as well as by the CBSE Diksha portal, to enrich themselves relating to students learning. Some of the training program conducted in the school are as follows:

Two days of Induction program for school Administrators, Managers and Principals of newly affiliated CBSE school was conducted in our school. The Regional officer Mr. Dinesh Ram, the deputy Secretary CEO, Mrs. Arunima Mazumdar, Mrs. Swapna, the Principal of RMK Residental school, Mrs Joy Thomas, the district coordinator and Mrs. Parama Kalyani, the Principal of OM Sadhana central school were the Resource persons who enlightened the Leaders on the following topic:

• Role of Principal as an Administrator
• Role of Principal as a Pedagogical leader
• About CBSE training and COE Chennai

*A one day training session on “Life Skills” by Mr. Muthu Ruban M.Com, MBA., M. Phil., Ph.d

*A one day training session on “Means and methods of NEP implementation in Classrooms Schedule by Mrs. Lakshmi Prabha M. Sc, Philosophy, M.Sc, Psychology, B.ed,

*A one day session on “CBSE-School quality Assessment and Assurance Framework” by Rev. Fr. Xavier Pakhyaraj SDB.

Sports Accomplishments

“You are never a loser until you quit trying” says Mike Ditka. Right from its inspection keen and great interest is shown by BDAV in the field of sports. Our sincere thanks to Our physical education teachers who work hard in training our students for the sportsmanship. Because of their effort and the cooperation of the teachers with greatest spirit our first Annual Sports meet was celebrated on 9th September 2022 in the most befitting manner. The Chief guest hon. Mayor sun Ramanathan, MBA., declared the Sports meet open and the Guest of Honour Rev. Fr. Dr. Sebastian Periannan, /correspondent of Annai Velanganni Arts and Science college and Dr. Anjugam Boopathy, DGO.,Deputy Mayor distributed the medals and trophies to the winning atheletes.
Rockcity Sahodaya conducted Archery Tournament 2022 on 29th October, where our school students made us feel proud. Sana shri of grade 4 won Gold medal, Dhanu shri of grade 8 and Varunesh of grade 5 clinched two silver medals and Dev Roja of grade - wan bronze medal. The oveall second position Trophy in Academy was bagged by our school. On 7th July Blossom blue bells organized cricket tournament where our U-14 cricket team emerged as winners. U-12 cricket team and U-14 Kho-Kho team as Runners.

National level competitions

All India citizens development centre, Aurangabad organized “All India Drawing, Handwriting and Essay writing competitions and our school made a record by winning 24 awards from KG to grade 9. Among 2070 students 1814 students participated and was awarded best school award, best Principal award and best teacher award. National cash prize was awarded to T.K. Meghasree of grade 7 for her excellent Drawing.

Inter-school and Intra school competitions

“No competition, no progress. Your goals are as big as your exposure”.

*For childrens day intra school competitions like dance, singing, musical instruments, hindi, tamil, English elocution, personal talents, fancy dress, story telling were held and prizes were distribute to all the winners.
*Our students displayed 15 Science projects on automation and Innovation in 3oth national childrens science congress at Periar Maniammai College on 8th November and Shreeman of grade 8 got second place. Eight students participated in pot painting competitions in the same college and Rakshana and Evangeline of grade 9 got 2nd place. Our school students participated in a host of co-curricular interschool competitions organized by Blossom public school on and Thamarai international school on 19th November where our school bagged third in the variety entertainment. Drawing and Essay writing competitions were conducted by LIC on 5th September where some of our students participated and Purva of grade 7 got 1st prize for drawing, Pooja of grade 9 got 2nd prize for English essay writing and Kaila got 3rd prize for tamil essay writing. On 28th August 3 students participated in English elocution and Spell bee competition and T. Gohul of grade 9 got 1st prize. On 13th January for Pongal Rangoli competition for girls and Sack race and slow cycling for boys were conducted and many students participated and got prizes. 10 students from grade 9 participated in Painting competition at Kendra Vidyalaya school and Raghavardhini secured second prize. State level Silambam competion was held on 6th November.
Our students won 8 gold medals, 5 silver medals and 3 bronze medals. On 26th December ­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­at Sathya Stadium Taekowondo competions were held where our students secured 9 gold medals, 8 Silver medals and 8 Bronze medals Many of our students participated in the online competitions conducted by CBSE chosen for the second round and some awaiting the results. The competitions are as follows:

  • Jhan kriti – virtual classical Arts competition. Nearly 30 students participated in Classical dance, classical singing, folk dance and folk song.
  • Indian knowledge System division of Ministry of education. Traditional. Dress, food, heritage, home remedy, song or rhyme etc., Most of the students prepared and uploaded the videos.
  • CBSE 1st epression series on Yoga, 2nd expression series on Tourism in India and 3rd expression series on ‘My India in 2047’, 2 students from each category are registered uploading their Art and essay
  • Bharatya Bhasha Utsav, different activities and competitions.
  • Fit India quiz competition.
  • Aryabhatta Ganit challenge
  • Reading challenge etc.,


Before I conclude the Report, I bow before God Almighty, for the abundant blessings bestowed on our institution and also for the wisdom given to us. Ours being the Catholic institution, we follow Christian ethics towards our duties. Let me take this opportunity to thank the Management, all the teaching faculty and non-teaching staff, the well wishers of the School, the parents of our students and all the students of the School.  My special thanks goes to Our Rev. Bishop Devadass Ambrose, a visionary who was instrumental behind the foundation of this school, for your guidance and prayerful support. My sincere thanks to our beloved correspondent Rev. Fr. Vincent and the Administrator, Rev. Fr. Cashmir for your tireless effort. Without your support and guidance we would have found our journey to excellence too hard. I also thank former correspondent Rev. Fr. Micheal, the Principal Rev. Sr. Jenifer and the Administrator Rev. Fr. George, the pioneers of the school, yes it is also the fruit of their hard work.

Looking back at the past year, I join with Dag Hammarskjold to say, “For all that has been, Thanks, To all that shall be, Yes”. We are thankful to God for the wonderful way the school has served the community through quality education it provides. Truly, God and Mother Mary have been so kind and gracious to us. I conclude by praising God in whom we live, move and have our being and humbly submit this annual report to you for approval.