Distinguished Chief Guest, Rev. Dr. S. Sebastian Periannan, Correspondent, Annai Vailankanni Arts and Science College, Thanjavur, respected Correspondent Rev. Fr. A. Michael, respected Administrator Rev. Fr. P. George Fernandaz, staff members, students, parents, ladies and gentlemen, a pleasant evening to all of you.

It is my privilege and pleasure to present the Annual Report for the Academic year 2019-20. Bishop Devadass Ambrose Vidyalaya was opened on 7 June, 2019, with 1092 children. For the new school to get over thousand children enrolled on the very first year, it was a record of sorts. It was a testimony to the hope that BDAV represented to parents and children in the city who looked for a quality education at an affordable cost. Looking back at our journey of the past one year serving the cause of quality education, we are both happy and proud of the memorable milestones we have crossed and the great strides made in every field of activity within this short span.


The school implements the CBSE curriculum in the school, known for its high quality content. For all core subjects, we use the text books published by the NCERT. The few private publications that are currently in use were approved only after a through scrutiny by the Management to ensure that the lessons are in alignment with CBSE curriculum and that there is no controversial content. We have a well trained and experienced team of 45 teachers who vigorously implement the academic agenda set out by the Management. Our teachers have shown an encouraging growth graph in performance, attitude and behavior of the students in a very short span. They follow the latest teaching learning methods in order to make the classroom learning more interesting and enduring. Our teaching-learning methods are culturally sensitive and are designed to identify learner's strengths and limitations, support learning and development and suit individual learner's needs. Teaching and Learning aids prepared by the teachers help customize the learning environment at the school. Our teachers also prepare well-structured lesson plans and activity planners to match the academic calendar of the school. The priority is given to an activity based, student centered learning.


Professional ongoing training is a must in order to maintain the quality of the staff. At Bishop's School, we organized various progammes throughout the year to update our teachers on the recent development in teaching methodologies and the changing educational scenario. Some of them are as follows:

  • A one-day training session on "Classroom Management". Resource Persons: Ms.U. Sobana M.A., M.Phil., and Dr. N. Vanaja M.A., M.Phil., Ph.D.,
  • A one-day training session on "Innovative Methods of Teaching." Resource Person: Rev. Fr. M. Edward
  • A two-day workshop on "Child Care and Education" conducted by Next Education.
  • A one-day training session for Kindergarten staff members on "Phonetics and Sounds" organized by our school management.
  • A two-day workshop for Kindergarten teachers on "Age appropriate activities and Teaching methodologies" conducted by Next Education.


General Assemblies are held three days a week, each of them organized by a particular class on a specific theme. Guided by their class teacher, the children make the assembly lively with motivational thoughts, dances, skits and other performances. Value Education and Catechism classes are conducted every week. BDAV has created an open and loving atmosphere within its campus where all are respected and loved. In this era of doubt and communal disharmony we help our students to live in love and harmony to respecting other faiths by celebrating various religious festivals such as Ramzan, Diwali, Christmas with prayers, readings from different religious scriptures, and programmes.


Achieving academic excellence is at the heart of our endeavor as educators. Class tests as check points, worksheets for concept reinforcement, weekend homework apart from the regular schedule of homework, tiny projects, holiday assignments, are a part of our academic planning and implementation schedules at BDAV. Periodic tests and term end assessments were held as per the schedule. We note with great pride that our students showed a remarkable progress in academics over the past year. Achievers in academics were recognized at the morning assembly after each assessment. The over-all toppers in each class were given medals and certificates at the Annual Award Day.


Thanks to a tie-up with Mind Waves Centre, Thanjavur, our children in grades 1-5 got Abacus training classes twice a week. They were taught mental arithmetic calculations with speed and accuracy through Abacus. In another tie-up programme, 5 trainers from Good Will Institute of English offered "Happy English" classes twice a week for children of all grades. We are happy to note that the progamme has helped our children vastly in terms of communicative English. Having learn the basic grammar, new words and new expressions, they now speak better, with less fear and fewer mistakes. Besides, two classes are offered to all students a week: one for Art & Craft and one for Music, as part of our curriculum.


We are happy to note that our school is equipped with all the necessary infrastructure facilities that a good school should possess. Located on a sprawling 8.42 acre land, right in the center of the city, BDAV is housed in two mammoth buildings constructed with a particular sensitivity to student needs. Bishop Arockiasamy Block, blessed-open on 19, June 2019 is essentially the Primary Block of the school. The high school classes are conducted in the three -story Bishop R.A. Sundaram Block, inaugurated on 19 December 2019.

The school's 45 class rooms are spacious, well-lit and airy, all of them equipped with Smart Boards. BDAV has two libraries, a composite lab, two huge activity halls, over 50 computers, high speed internet connection, play ground, indoor and outdoor play areas for KG children, courts, sports equipment, musical instruments - everything that goes into creating an optimal learning environment for the young minds. Over 164 CCTV cameras are fixed in different parts of the two building to ensure the safety of the children. A state-of-the-art public announcement system helps not only to disseminate information quickly and but also maintain great control over the school. We have installed "Entab CampusCare" at the school a comprehensive software that helps manage the administrative tasks in an effective manner and also connects the management, principal, teachers, and parents on a single platform. One of the important modules of this ERP is an SMS alert system through which parents are given constant communications with regard to their ward's attendance, home work, PTM meetings, events and exam schedules, etc. The school website, was launched on 20 Dec 2019, which integrates the school software, contains all important info and helps the parents and students to gain a fuller picture of the happenings at the school.


Students of the entire school, barring the KG sections, are divided into four different houses, namely: Daffodils, Lotus, Rose, and Shamrock. In a beautiful Investiture Ceremony that took place on 15 August, the Student Council Members, the leaders of the Houses and other Clubs took office and solemnly promised in front of the assembly that they would fulfill the duties of their respective offices in the best way they could. In order to infuse in students a competitive spirit, various CCA competitions were held between the Houses. Students participated in a wide range of contests such as elocution, storytelling, JAM, situational enacting, pick and speak, GK Quiz, picture story, story writing, making new words & sentences, collage making, drawing, coloring, painting, clay modeling, greeting card making, yoga, pot painting, etc. The winners were recognized at the Annual Award Day. The over-all championship for the year 2019-2020 went to Rose House.


Sports competitions inculcate the spirit of positive challenges and sportsmanship among the students and prepare them for the life ahead. Sports occupy a place of importance in our curriculum. Our students actively participated in different sports competitions and won medals, certificates and trophies. In a district level Taekwondo tournament held on 21 July 2019, our students won four Silver medals and four Bronze medals. Blossom Bluebells, a CBSE school located in the suburb, conducted a District level cricket tournament on 4 August 2019, in which our students secured the Runner-up trophy. Students of BDAV participated in the district level competition conducted by Velammal Bodhi Campus of Thanjavur on 24 October 2019 and brought home the Runner-up trophies in three disciplines: Kho Kho, Throwball and Table Tennis. In a district level Taekwondo tournament held on 10 November 2019, our students won four Silver medals and six Bronze medals. It is worth noting here that BDAV offers Fine Arts classes for interested students. These classes, held after the school hours, include disciplines such as Classical Music, Classical Dance, Western and Folk Dance, Keyboard, Chess, Table Tennis, Carom Board, Silambam, Taekwondo and Archery.


The school organized many celebrations throughout the year to make the students learn about our culture and heritage. They also served as a platform for the kids to showcase their talents. On Sep 5, the students took initiative to organize a beautiful "Teacher's Day" celebration, consisting of skits, dances and speeches, to show their love and gratitude to the teachers. The Correspondent's Day was celebrated on 25 October 2019 to recognize the contributions and services of Rev. Fr. A Michael, a visionary who was instrumental behind the foundation of this school. "Hindi Diwas" was celebrated on 13 November 2019. On November 14, the Children's Day, it was the teachers' turn to entertain the children with a wide range of cultural events. A massive donation camp was organized by our school during the month of December on account of Christmas. Children contributed clothes, provisions, books and accessories, which were later given away to 50 poor families in a village near Thanjavur. The Spoken English Team celebrated "E-Fest" on February 20, which was a testimony to the progress our students have made in English speaking skills.


Before concluding this report, I bow my head in gratitude to Almighty God for the blessings he has showered upon this institution. Our thanks are also due to the Management- the leaders whose imagination, insight and courage called forth the best in teachers and students alike and united them around a shared sense of purpose. May I take this opportunity to thank the teachers, the non-teaching staff, the students, parents, benefactors and well wishers for their whole-hearted cooperation. I conclude with a message to all the Bishophites: "Believe in yourself and all that you are. Know that there is something inside you that is greater than any obstacle." May God bless you all.