"To ensure good health: eat lightly, breathe deeply, live moderately, cultivate cheerfulness, and maintain an interest in life."
William Londe


Bishop Devadass Ambrose Vidyalaya recognizes that social, emotional, and physical health are indispensable. The school believes that in order to achieve personal, academic, developmental, and social success, we need to create positive, safe, and health-promoting learning environments at every level, in every setting, throughout the school year. We strongly believe that two components, good nutrition and physical activity before, during, and after the school day, are strongly correlated with positive student outcomes. Student wellness is associated with higher grades and standardized test scores, lower absenteeism, and better performance on cognitive tasks. Conversely, less-than-adequate consumption of specific foods including fruits, vegetables, and dairy products is associated with lower grades among students.

Healthy learning environments include: greater overall achievement, decreased discipline problems, improved attendance and

Our student wellness encompasses some interrelated policies:
  • All students receive high quality physical education and physical activity, with opportunities to be physically active before, during and after school.
  • School is a safe, clean and healthy place in which children, staff and families can learn, work and engage.
  • School has a positive school climate that nurtures learning, achievement and growth of character.
  • All students receive quality nutrition education and other health education.
  • Students need to become "health literate" - that is, to be able to make health-enhancing choices and avoid behaviors and eating that can damage health and well being.
  • All students have access to health services in partnership with schools, school- based health centers, school nurses, community agencies and families.
  • Schools engage in nutrition and physical activity promotion and other activities that promote student wellness.
  • School staff are encouraged and supported to practice healthy nutrition and physical activity behaviors in and out of school.


"Healthy citizens are the greatest asset any country can have."- Winston Churchill

Our school continuously strives to provide a healthy environment which is conducive to excellent teaching and learning. The Wellness Committee attempts to favorably influence the habits, attitude and knowledge regarding general health and modify the behavior of students, teachers and other staff members towards the attainment of optimum health.

  • Monitor and evaluate the implementation of school health and wellness policies and programs.
  • Provide the staff with knowledge and skills to create a healthy school environment.
  • Teach the techniques of yoga and meditation to the students from an early age.
  • Inculcate in the students healthy and positive ways of living.
  • Ensure access to the needed health services to the students.
  • Celebrate important days such as World Health Day - April 7, Yoga day -dune 21,World Oral Health Day-September 12, etc.
  • Organize health-promoting programs or events.


The school wellness committee provides guidance to the students and staff regarding student health issues and possible revisions, improvements, monitoring and implementation of the objectives.

Ms. Caroline Dyana
Ms. Suganthi
Mr. George Miller
Ms. Muthupetchi
Ms Grace Mary